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ceremoniials: Girl you are so fucking adorable. Js

Omg thank you janine 😊😊😊

kittenfossils: their problem isn't your brutal honesty, it's the fact that the dream to own a big cat is inappropriate and does harm to them. i don't care if you have all the money in the world or have the space the size of texas, owning an exotic pet is not appropriate and is harmful. find a dream that's not harmful to animals and no one would be concerned.




*Disclaimer: I and talking about exotic cats specifically here, as “exotic pets” alone is a very broad and inclusive term.

honestly all i understood from that anon is that they wanted to get a caracal (or an ocelot i don’t even remember which one of the two but i suspect caracal) from reliable sources when their income is steady and they can provide the animal with all it needs. ”what if you can’t pay this or that” cuts this out because, again, they’ll get one from reliable sources only with a steady income. from the sound of it they won’t get a caracal/ocelot/whatever for the time being, and when the time does come, i’m p sure anyone saying that and asking a big cat awareness blog about it first would do their research prior to getting an exotic, non endangered animal. from reliable sources.

and with reliable sources i mean rescues. they could train for this for all we know. they could volunteer at a rescue and then volunteer to take in an animal for which there’s no space (yet). honestly they didn’t at all sound like a reckless person from the sound of it y’all are jumping on the guilt tripping wagon or whatever it’s called a little too quickly.

would it be expensive? it sure as hell would. would it be time consuming? bet your ass it will. would it be stessful. damn yea.

but their loss. if they’re prepared to pay for exotic vet bills and rich raw diets and bigass enclosures and enrichment and protection from the elements and all that shit, and if they’re prepared to sacrifice time that they could spend on a vacation in japan or australia or somewhere in europe or even on a safari tour in south africa, then…… just let them……

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