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jaguarssoul said: please sleep forget about these superwholock natalie frees


i’m tellin yall you do not want to get smart with me 

superwholocknerdherdofsheild: I looked at your fucking tag. You don't source shit about anything you've posted about this!

lmao first of all chill the fuck out and stop comin at me cursin at me in my damn inbox. second of all ?????? literally every post like that that i reblog i have sources on lol you need to double check and hop the fuck out my inbox thank you

guys!!! what don’t you understand about “don’t send hate” like how many times do i have to say it?? should i put it at the bottom of everything i reblog?? smh stop actin like children 

Anonymous: God some people are so pathetic, how can they be so stupid as to say things like that, I'm embarrassed to be of the same species as those scumbags going on about keeping tigers as pets

lol chill it’s ok 

lmao goodnight yall

if you don’t want to go to my cub petting tag, then you can just click on almost any of the urls in the pop up notes thing. it’ll be there. but for now goodnight  

yall it’s 5am i’m tired and i don’t have time for this bs so please save it