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courtneyofthesea: I just got an email from Tony's blog. The senate final passage got moved to TODAY for the sb250.


I’ve been getting your messages and following it, the BCR facebook pages have been on it since yesterday.  Guys this bill would allow people to keep animals like Tony the Tiger, it basically exempts them from Louisiana’s existing regulations on keeping big cats as pets; if they have a USDA license they can essentially keep their “property.”

This is directly from one of BCR’s staff’s page and what they are all posting:

LA Senator Rick Ward introduced a bill (SB 250) that would keep Tony the Tiger at the Truck Stop. Let him know why you think this is an inhumane thing to do at:

You can also leave comments on this page to oppose the bill.  Guys we have to speak up for him this isn’t acceptable.  Please remember to be polite, that is the only way to be heard.